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Crystalens ® Accommodating IOL


The Crystalens® accommodating intraocular lens (IOL) is designed to mimic the eye’s natural ability to focus on distant, intermediate, and near objects. Used in conjunction with standard cataract extraction methods, the crystalens was designed to provide a continuous range of vision, from distance to intermediate to reading vision without total dependence on glasses or contact lenses. The IOL automatically moves forward and backward with the eye’s internal ciliary muscle to help patients with lens implants focus naturally at all distances.

Crystalens® is the first and only FDA-approved “accommodating” intraocular lens, the crystalens has the unique ability to focus on objects at varying distances using the eye’s natural focusing system. This means that the crystalens can provide a continuous range of vision, without corrective lenses, from near to far and everything in between. Standard (single vision) lens implants do not have the ability to provide a full range of vision. Most people who have single vision lens implants MUST wear glasses for middle and near vision.


In FDA clinical trials Crystalens® patients enjoyed life-changing benefits. More than 98% of patients who received Crystalens® implants in both eyes had uncorrected visual acuity of 20/30 or better at distance without glasses, and could read 6 point type on a medicine bottle. Also, 92% had distance visual acuity of 20/25 or better. In Europe and Mexico, where the lens has been in use for five years, nearly all patients continued to enjoy this range of vision year after year. In these studies 93.8% of patients surveyed said they could perform most daily activities without glasses.

Your doctor will perform a thorough examination and advise you of a customized treatment plan for effectively correcting your vision.

In the US clinical trials more than 80% of patients who had placement of the ReSTOR lens reported never wearing glasses after the surgery. 94% were able to read the newspaper and drive without glasses.

Patients that are nearsighted or farsighted or those with good distance vision will have the ability to see again at near with a ReSTOR® IOL surgery. ReSTOR® implants offer patients the option of correcting both distance and near vision problems with one procedure.