Cataract Treatment and Eye Care

A Center for VisionCare provides cataract treatment for the residents of North Hollywood, San Fernando Valley, Burbank and Glendale. Our experienced and board certified ophthalmologists also provide routine eye exams, treatment for glaucoma, refractive and corneal surgery.

Patients come to A Center for VisionCare when cataracts begin to interfere with their vision and lessen the quality of their lives. A cataract forms when the lens of the eye, which is normally clear, begins to cloud. Some of the early symptoms of a cataract are blurry vision and halos around lights.

Cataract treatment consists of removing the cloudy lens. After the lens is removed, an IOL or intraocular lens can be inserted. The patient has the option of a traditional IOL. These kinds of lenses can restore the patient’s vision at only one distance. It must either be far, near or intermediate. However, the patient can opt for IOLs that are accommodating or multifocal if it’s important to see clearly at more than one distance without glasses. They can also ask for toric premium intraocular lenses. These types of IOLs also treat astigmatism, which is a distortion in the vision cause by an irregularly shaped cornea.

The ophthalmologists at A Center for VisionCare pride themselves on delivering the highest level of eye care.

Meet Our Doctors:
Dr. Alan Mandelberg is renowned as a pioneer in cataract, refractive and corneal surgery. He has practiced over 30 years serving patients throughout the San Fernando Valley, Burbank and Glendale.

Dr. Dana Tannenbaum is known for her excellent skills and knowledge as a specialist in glaucoma. She not only performs glaucoma and cataract treatment in North Hollywood, but is also a researcher dedicated to finding the latest technologies that will help diagnose glaucoma in its earliest stages.

Dr. Mario Meallet is also a specialist in cataract treatment San Fernando Valley as well as cornea and refractive surgery. He also performs cornea surgery to help patients who are suffering from Fuch’s dystrophy and corneal edema. Dr. Meallet is also a specialist in diagnosing and managing a disorder called keratoconus. Treatments involve the placement of INTACS corneal implants (INTAC corneal inserts or implants are a minimally invasive surgical option).